Saturday, August 20, 2011

So … after a three-month hiatus we teachers were given the go-ahead to come back to our rooms and begin the process of preparing for another group of students. I must say I AM EXCITED!!

As I began the grueling process of putting up eye-catching, yet teachable bulletin boards I turned on my computer and cued up “Coach B” on a live stream broadcast and listened to the broadcast of “Super Improvers Wall” … Wow!!! I cannot wait to use this in my classroom this year. I put my Super Improvers Wall up right next to my objectives wall … yes – I think it is THAT important!

I have allocated wall space for Power Pix, and a space for my Genius Ladder. Other teachers are coming in and asking what my bulletin boards are all about and I am happily sharing the Whole Brain Teaching message. My boards will be completely up on Monday and I will snap some pictures then and post them.

We have new administration this year and they have not heard of Whole Brain Teaching … so you can imagine how anxious I am to show them and let them watch my students in action; fully engaged in their learning. I will be using the Power Pix this year and also “Prove It”. I am very excited to see how well the kids respond and how it will help their grades and test performance.

Third grade is such a remarkable grade to teach, students are so full of life and enthusiastically take on whatever I ask of them; I know this new group will wholly embrace our Whole Brain Classroom!!

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