Saturday, June 18, 2011

I first came across Whole Brain Teaching a few years ago during a random internet search … I was looking for a way to better reach all my students and to put some fun back into learning. Then it was called Power Teaching and I do indeed feel that it has given me more power as a teacher over the past three years that I have been implementing the practice in my classroom.

I plan to blog my way through the next school year as I continue to use Whole Brain Teaching, becoming more of an expert and learning and bettering my technique as I go. In his book Good to Great (2002) Jim Collins suggests how a great leader looks in the mirror, not out of the window for responsibility when things don’t go as planned. This approach allows for reflection and a shift as needed for optimum success. I believe in Whole Brain Teaching and will use this blog as my mirror.

Follow along and watch us LEARN!!

For more information on Whole Brain Teaching:


  1. You have always been a great teacher, this is just making you better.
    PS Your blog is pretty.

  2. I LOVE that picture and the thought to look in the mirror to access our teaching. Can't wait for more this coming school year